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03/25/2010 Before you take your motorcycle on the road or put your boat on the water, it may pay to be certain your insurance is ship-shape. Motorcycles and boats are often significant investments, and the right insurance policy can help protect them. Here are a few tips, courtesy of Insurance Plus Agencies, LLC: READ MORE >>

MyRate, is Progressive's optional, one-of-a kind, behavior-based car insurance program that gives drivers the chance to save big bucks based on how they drive and is now available in Texas. Drivers who choose to sign up for MyRate receive a device that plugs into a port in their car and measures how, how much and when the car is being driven. READ MORE >>

Seven Shopping Strategies For New Car Buyers 3/20/2010 New car shopping can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re a car enthusiast. But others can find the experience stressful and tedious. Either way, there’s a lot to think about. READ MORE >>

10 Steps to Prepare for a Safe Boating Season - Boat Insurance Home Page Just imagine, in a matter of a few weeks – or days – you could be basking in the sunshine from the deck of your boat. But there’s a lot of work involved in getting your boat – and your paperwork, including insurance – in go... READ MORE >>

Insurance Plus Agencies Offers Nine Money-Saving Tips If you believe your auto insurance premium "is what it is," you could be paying hundreds of dollars too much. Many drivers assume they can’t save on auto insurance the same way they do on other products and services. READ MORE >>

March 11, 2010 Driver Fatigue and Road Trance The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that the principle causes of about 100,000 police reported road crashes each year are driver drowsiness and fatigue. Drowsiness is as dangerous to driving as falling asleep at the wheel. READ MORE >>

March 10, 2010 Test Your Road IQ and Sharing the Road Skills. Can you read the road? You may be surprised at what you learn! 1. True or False? Yellow lines on the road separate traffic traveling in the same direction. 2. Do you know what a yellow EXIT ONLY panel below a green freeway guide sign means? READ MORE >>

Tips to Help Texans Control the Cost of Auto Coverage March 3,2010 Safe driving can go a long way; Texas motorists can make the cost of auto insurance affordable by simply obeying traffic laws.  Various factors are used to calculate the cost of car insurance in the Lone Star State; althou... READ MORE >>

Starting March 1, 2010, driver license applicants between the ages of 18 and 24 must complete an approved driver education course and a driving skills test to become a licensed driver in Texas.  Applicants must submit a certificate proving that they successfully completed a driver education course approved by the Texas Education Agency. READ MORE >>

Effective Date for New Policies: February 25, 2010 Effective Date for Renewals: March 25, 2010 Better Rates Out of the Gate: Tractor-trailer physical damage only polices with an unlimited radius may see up to a 15 percent decrease. For-hire truckers with a 500-mile operating radius may see up to a 15 percent decrease. READ MORE >>

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